Translation is an art. It is not possible to create high-quality, market ready translations using machines – they simply cannot convey the delicacies and nuances of language. Here at Woodfield Language Services, we only work with human linguists – with a database of professional, vetted and qualified linguists, we ensure the selection of high-quality, experienced linguists during our vendor management process.
When assigned with a translation project, our professional team of project managers select from our database of linguists, the best professional translators based on their expertise and knowledge of the subject area – we match a linguist with our client’s text for translation. One translator does not fit all! Linguists need to have a working understanding of the subject area and we carefully select accordingly. We pair experienced linguists with our client’s ethos and requirements.
We encourage clients to work with us to provide feedback on our translations, so that we can ensure the perfect translations for their target market. For new clients (who don’t already have approved linguists selected by us), we offer small test pieces (under 200 words, free of charge)* – to ensure that the most suitable linguist is selected and client-approved for their work.
Translation is priced per word, based on the source language word count and our translators can usually translate between 1,500 and 2,000 words per working day. If your project is urgent however, we will still be able to help – we’d be happy to discuss your needs!

Professional linguists

All of our linguists have a minimum of 5 years full time translation experience, professional translation qualifications and are fully vetted and reference checked.

Consistency and cost savings

We use the latest Translation Memory software which ensures consistency, makes the translation process quicker and can also provide cost savings to our clients.

* if the client has native speaking, experienced linguistic reviewers available to review and approve the test pieces.

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