Foreign Language Proofreading

We advise that after our translation service is complete, a foreign language proofreading stage is carried out.
This stage, which is carried out directly after translation by a carefully chosen linguist, allows a second language expert to check the translation and amend any parts which could be improved based on context and linguistic language rules. Since we are relying on human translators, there is always the chance that human error can occur – proofreading dramatically reduces this chance and ensures the highest quality translation as possible.
For documents that are to be used for reference or internal use only, proofreading often isn’t required. Woodfield Language Services will always advise you of the best workflow to suit your requirements!
We also accept proofreading only projects if you already have translated material, but we would always need to assess the translation quality before accepting the project – in case the translation has been created using machine translation or an inexperienced translator, and needs a full edit rather than minor corrections – see our editing page for more details.
When a project also involves typesetting, Woodfield Language Services also recommend that the typeset document is checked for accuracy (usually in PDF format) by a qualified linguist during a comprehensive layout check –  Post DTP Proofreading.

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