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We hand-pick the most suitable translators from our database of professional linguists, based on their expertise and knowledge of the text to be translated.

Typesetting/Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is required when translations need to be formatted into design software such as InDesign, Quark, Publisher, FrameMaker etc. for a professional finish.


Transcreation (or creative translation) is a more comprehensive service than translation only and is used in modern marketing campaigns that are targeting a specific market sector.

Certified Translation

Translations required for official purposes (birth, death and marriage certificates) and legal documents may need to be certified. We use our ATC stamp to certify translations.


This stage allows a second linguist to check the existing translation and amend any parts which could be stylistically improved.

Post-DTP Proofreading

During this check, the linguist will check that translations have been correctly placed in the artwork and that the translations are suitable when viewed in context.


If your video needs to be understood in another language, foreign language voiceover is the perfect option. Our professional voice artists will work with your script to produce a localised version for your use.


All of our interpreters are truly bilingual – meaning that they are able to work quickly and effectively. We offer simultaneous, consecutive, conference and business interpreting.


When a more thorough second check of a translated text is required, editing would be chosen.


Transcription converts speech into a written document. Many business sectors can require transcription services, but it’s most common for medical, political and legal sectors.

In addition to the services detailed, we also offer:

British Sign Language (BSL)
Multilingual SEO

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