Certified Translation

Have you been asked to provide a ‘certified’ translation? In fact, the UK does not have a system of ‘sworn’ or ‘certified’ translators accredited by an official governing body. Translations required for official purposes – such as birth, death and marriage certificates, legal documents, academic transcripts, etc. can, however, be ‘self-certified’ by any professional translator. You will receive a separate certification document with your translation, which details the translator’s qualifications and affirmation that the translation provided is a true and accurate translation of the original document. A certification document serves to identify the translator and their credentials and makes them accountable for their work.
You should check with the organisation requesting a certified translation exactly what its requirements are and explain these clearly to us when requesting a certified translation. It is important to allow enough time for the translation to be completed, certified and sent back to you. There is a  small additional fee for us to provide a certification document, on top of the price of the translation.

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