Translation Memory

What is Translation Memory (TM)?

Surely that means machine translations? No! Woodfield Language Services only ever uses human linguists to produce quality translations.
Translation memory is not machine translation! Machine translation simply abandons the text to a computer programme which can’t possibly understand delicate nuances, the context and the flow of the communication like a human can. Woodfield Language Services never uses machine translation.
Translation Memory (TM) is an aid for translators, to ensure consistency and reduce translation time. TM stores every sentence that our linguists translate in a client-specific memory for future use. The software program is used to analyse files provided to us for translation by our clients, against the existing memories we have built from previous translation projects. TM ensures consistency in both terminology and style, makes the translation process quicker and also provides cost savings to clients.

What are the benefits of Translation Memory?

– Increased quality of translation. The same terminology and style are used throughout a client’s translated material in each and every translation project
– A considerable reduction in turnaround times. Translators do not have to re-translate every repeated sentence or paragraph
– Dramatic cost savings on repeated text
For every sentence which is exactly the same as a previously translated sentence in the TM (a ‘100% match’) and every sentence which is exactly the same as a sentence occurring earlier in the document (a ‘repetition’), a price discount of 65% will be applied.  For ‘fuzzy matches’ (sentences which contain between 99% and 75% of the same words as a previously translated sentence, but have some different words) a price discount of 35% will be applied.
Translation memory is compatible with most file formats, including XML, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF (excluding some scanned or outlined documents), Adobe InDesign, Adobe Frame Maker and many more. Contact us to discuss your project!

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