Typesetting/Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Typesetting/Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Multilingual typesetting or Desktop Publishing (DTP) is required when translations need to be formatted into page layout design software such as InDesign, Quark, Publisher, FrameMaker etc. This service is most commonly required with marketing flyers, posters, brochures, product catalogues, product packaging and other methods of communication that require colourful images and text effects to convey a message or make a product more appealing to a potential customer. DTP allows our typesetting professionals to use the translations to create a print-ready piece of artwork in the target language, working with the software to control the layout and design of the language, producing a final piece which can then be used to increase your global communication and increase product sales.
It’s important to use an experienced typesetter who has experience of working with languages other than English, but is especially important with complex right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Urdu or non-Latin script based languages such as Russian, Thai, Hindi, Chinese, Greek, Japanese and Khmer.
Whilst we most commonly provide the translations prior to a typesetting service, if you already have approved translations, we can offer a typesetting only service. Please contact us to discuss your project!

Post-DTP Proofreading

When a project requires typesetting, Woodfield Language Services also recommend that the final typeset document is checked for accuracy (usually in PDF format) by a qualified linguist during a comprehensive layout check – Post-DTP Proofreading. During this check, our linguist will check that the translations have been corrected placed in the artwork and also that the translations are suitable for the context. The linguist will also check the layout to ensure there are no overlaps, missed word endings, unnecessary hyphenations etc. We advise that this service is carried out on every piece of artwork that will be published to ensure the highest possible quality to aid your company’s professionalism.
This service is quoted per hour and although we have a standard pricing system, we recommend you contact us today to discuss your typesetting or Post-DTP proofreading needs!

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