Why Choose Us

Why choose Woodfield Language Services?

We know what is important to you.


We are a full member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), so you can be assured of a professional service.


Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you. All of our linguists have signed NDAs as part of our vetting process. We do not share data in any way and have encrypted file storage solutions.


Consistency and quality within files creates a professional impression. For every client, we use the same linguists on all projects to ensure this. Translation Memory also aids consistency of terminology and style.


You need to adhere to deadlines and we respect that. We will always re-confirm your deadline once a linguist has been assigned, to give you peace of mind.

We have a Quality Assurance process.

Human, accredited linguists

We only ever use human, accredited linguists, with at least 5 years of full-time translation experience. We never do, and never will, use machine translation.

Experienced linguists

All linguists have extensive translation industry experience in addition to being knowledgeable in their key subject areas. We also obtain references for each new linguist.

Mother tongue translations

Our linguists only translate into their mother tongue and our interpreters are always truly bilingual.

Quality Assurance

All translations undergo a Quality Assurance check by an experienced project manager prior to delivery to our clients.


We use Translation Memory (TM) to store entire translated sentences for each client for future translation projects. The result is consistency and cost savings!

Non-Disclosure Agreements

All linguists complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement before being added to our database of approved linguists. This ensures confidentiality for our clients.

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